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Bill Foss bought a large agave farm in the year 2002. initially, Bill bought the farm to be an agave farmer. Bill's first crop was mature and ready to harvest in 2008. Bill was unable to sell his plants due to the recession in the US which had a tremendous effect on the country of Mexico. Rather than allowing his plants to die Bill decided to make tequila.... 

This is where Suavecito's story begins.

After years of research, and working with experts from the wine and alcohol industries, Bill came up with the formula for the world's smoothest tequila. Suavecito is the creation of Bill's imagination, creativity, and hard work. Suavecito will change the way you think about and drink tequila, with it's bold and unique take on the tequila tradition.

REPOSADO                                                                                                                                                         30% ALC 750ML

Rested for 6-8 months in specifically selected American oak barrels, pure light amber color.  Suavecito Reposado is best enjoyed straight, with a pairing of almost any mixer.

Aroma:  Agave & Spice, Light wood/Bourbon

Initial Taste:  Agave, hint of cherry 

Spirit Body: Woody, Agave 

Finish/Aftertaste:  Sweet woodedfinish, Light Vanilla/Caramel aftertaste

BLANCO                                                                                                                                                               30% ALC 750ML

Award winning fresh and un-aged taste.  This incredibly delicious tequila is very mix-friendly and can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

Aroma:   Agave & Spice, light wood/bourbon
Initial Taste:   Agave, hint of cherry 

Spirit Body:  Woody, Agave 

Finish/Aftertaste:  Sweet woodedfinish, light vanilla/caramel

ANEJO                                                                                                                                                                  30% ALC 750ML

Only made with specially selected Mountain grown premium agave, rested for 18 months in the finest American Oak barrels. Super premium, golden warm, amber. Suavecito Anejo is a true premium sipping tequila.

Aroma:  Sweet agave, wood & cherry 

Initial Taste:  Burnt sugar & agave 

Spirit Body:  Agave, with light smoky wood 

Finish/Aftertaste:  Mint & chocolate finish, sweet aftertaste